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Welcome to the Bitcoin BTC Robot blog! This is a place where you can come by and learn more about a bitcoin robot and how they can help you trade! A bitcoin robot, also known as a bitcoin bot, is a tool that can automate your bitcoin trades! A Bitcoin Robot is very useful for improving your bitcoin trades and using all the tools that you can find to help you maximize your profits.

We will never say you can earn $XXX for using a bitcoin robot, but we will indeed say you can increase your earnings in general when you use a bitcoin robot. There are lots of bitcoin robots out there, but it is important to know which ones to check out and which ones not to. While there is a bitcoin robot called “Bitcoin Robot,” but we are not affiliated with them and we have not tried their products. Instead, we stick to open source bitcoin robots for most of our trades and tools.

What can a Bitcoin Robot do?

Funny you should ask, because a bitcoin robot can do almost anything you want it to, as long as it is based by mathematics. A bitcoin robot is basically just software that analyzes trends and runs algorithms to determine if a buy or sell signal should be executed. So, it really depends on what you want to use. We personally like to use open source bitcoin robots for some of our trades, as one of the coolest bitcoin robots is a little open sourced project called Gekko. Gekko is written in jsnode and can be run inside of any operating system. We recommend running the bitcoin robot called Gekko in a linux VPS, so that it can trade 24/7 for you and you don’t have to worry about losing your internet connection and stopping your bitcoin robot.

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There are limitations to Gekko though, which is limited to only using one indicator at a time and that you need to collect the data before actually trading. You cannot backtest on Gekko and you need to collect a few days worth of data in order to allow it to run. If your internet connect gets disturbed in any way, you will have to restart Gekko again and collect data. This is one of the reasons you should run this bitcoin robot on a linux VPS.

Well, now that I have explained the basics for a bitcoin robot, you should feel free to browse our awesome blog to find more information about different bitcoin trading tools and maybe another bitcoin robot that may interest you. Each trader is different, so it is important to understand that each bitcoin robot is different too!

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